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Sports Chaplaincy Events in 2019

3rd Annual Global Summit

Hosted in Charlotte, North Carolina by CEDE SPORTS at Joe Gibbs Racing. ALL of the major organizations involved in Sports Chaplaincy around the world are invited. It is by invitation only.

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North America - Sports Chaplains Training Session

Sports Chaplains Training Session for new or interested prospective sports Chaplains. There is a registration fee required. Contact Ken Cross at for further information.

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Sports Chaplains Training - Europe

Sports Chaplains Training Session in London for new or interested sports chaplains.For further information contact

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Global Trainers

Ken Cross

Director, Sports Chaplain Training USA

Pastor for more than 30 years. Sports Chaplain with multiple sports teams for over 10 years. Passionate about helping new Sports Chaplains become effective.

Roger Lipe

International Trainer of Sports Chaplains

More than 30 years with FCA. Served as a Sports Chaplain for more than 20 years.

Rich Gamble

International Sports Chaplain Trainer

Served as Sports Chaplain with European Football Team. Experienced trainer in many cultures..

Robert H. Dyar, Sr.

CEO, Sports Chaplaincy UK

55 Years of Sports Chaplain experience.

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  • Charlotte, North Carolina, United States

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